Training on Qualitative data analysis Techniques

Training on Qualitative Data Analysis by Using Thematic and Content Analysis Techniques

The training held at School of Agricultural Economics and Business Studies, Sokoine University of Agriculture - SUA from 7 – 10 September 2018. The training assists participants to understand two qualitative analytical techniques: thematic and content analytical techniques. The course guided participants in each step of qualitative data analysis: (i) Formulating qualitative research questions (ii) Qualitative data collection techniques (iii) Choosing the best techniques for qualitative data analysis (Thematic and content analysis) (iii) Qualitative data findings presentation (iv) Qualitative findings interpretation (v) Qualitative data presentation for professional papers journals.

The objectives of the course are three fold: to broaden understanding of the participants of qualitative research question formulation, qualitative data collection and analytical data techniques. Nine (9) participants from different countries where participated in the training who are Seshone Molimisi Ewans from South Africa, Muhajir Mussa Kwikima from Tanzania, Anna G. Monela from Tanzania Dr. DerejeKifle from Ethiopia, Felix Mlay from Tanzania Muhebera Bizimana from Rwanda, LuambanoKihoma from Tanzania, Ambrose Ibihya from Tanzania, Chacha Nyangi from Tanzania.

Facilitator: Dr. Felix Adam Nandonde
Dr. Felix Adamu Nandonde is a Lecturer in Marketing, at School of Agricultural Economics and Business Studies (SAEBS), Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro, Tanzania. Dr. Nandonde has a PhD in Business Economics from Aalborg University in Denmark. His research works appeared in Journal of African Business, African Management Review, Ethiopian Journal of Business and Economics, British Food Journal, Journal of Language, Technology & Entrepreneurship in Africa, and International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management. He has published book chapters with Rout ledge, Springer International, IGI Global and Walter de Gruyter.

Group phot qualitative

Group photo of the qualitative data analysis participants

Q. members participated

Participants of Qualitative data Analysis techniques following the subject matters presented

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Participants of Qualitative data Analysis techniques paying attention to the subject matters presented 

Some participants

Seshone Molimisi Ewans from South Africa (left) Dr. Felix Nandonde at the middle and Dr. DerejeKifle from Ethiopia (right)