Postgraduate Seminars_Thursday 11th March 2021

Postgraduate Seminars_Thursday 11th March 2021

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On Thursday the 18th of March 2021, 7  masters students presented their work, 6 their proposals and 1 finding in MBA and MSc
class at the School of Agricultural Economics and Business Studies (SEABS).

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Aurelia I. Mbwaga a master student presenting her proposal on the Economic Efficiency of Investing in high-quality Fodder Production for ASAS Dairies Farm Limited in Iringa region. The study will; a) evaluate the level of technical efficiency and allocative efficiency in fodder production and harvesting in the case study area, b) estimate the costs and returns associated with the production of fodder and harvesting in the case study area c) determine the relationship between fodder production and milk production (how much is spending in fodder to produce 1 liter of milk) in the case study and d) assess costs of increasing the energy and protein contents in fodder (hay or silage)

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Assenga Theresia Francis presenting her proposal on Household Income to Food Dietary Diversity in Tanzania. The research will analyse the impact of household income on the food dietary diversity in Tanzania in order to inform policy and decision-makers about the right policy intervention to combat nutrient deficiency diseases in the country.