Tanzania Agricultural Economics Student Association (TAGRESA) held an event to officially welcome its new members (BSc AEA year 1). The event took place on Saturday 14th  December 2019 at the SMC, Freedom Square.

Dean of School and  staff members from SAEBS, Dr Anna Temu Chairperson of SUGECO, and Mr Patrick Coordinator of USA Internship has attended the event

Dr. Anna Temu officiated the event , there after Head of Department of DAEA Dr. Daniel Ndyetabula present a speech on how important the private sector is and different ways in which students can benefit or work within and outside the country.

TAGRESA aims to bring together all students and other concerned parties that have strong interest in the field of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness. This Society was  created to meet the following Purposes.

  • A forum to Analyze and Discuss Current Economic and Business trends concerning Agriculture.
  • Source of Academic Materials to Students pursuing Agriculture, Economics and Business Related fields.
  • Source of information to all Agricultural Economics Students
  •  Lastly, it is a home to all people with strong interest in Agriculture, Economics and Business Related fields.

TAGRESA is a very important as it input members to such associations as AGREST, AAAE and IAAE. It is a critical source of the scientific world in the domain of Agricultural Economics.