SN Project Title Researchers Objectives Period Funding Agency Status/achievements
1 Agribusiness Value Chain under Building Stonger Universities (BSU) II

Dr. Zena Mpenda (PI)

Dr. Adam Akyoo, Dr. George Fasha, Mr. Charles Mgeni, Dr. Betty Waized, Dr, Jeremia Makindara,

Overall objective:

Upgrade DAEA to a worldwide reputation for high-quality research into major aspects of African Agriculture with focus to agribusiness value chain research.

Specific objectives

-          to strengthen DAEA’s institutional capacity to deliver quality research and PhD education in agro-business

-          to improve research facilities that support research and training

-          Constituted collaborative research group

Nov 2014 to Sept 2016 DANIDA Extended to July 2017
2 Strengthen capacity in the Regional Partner Research Institute  in crop market modelling

Dr Adam Akyoo (Research Director)

Dr Zena Mpenda

Strengthen capacity in the maintenance of the maize, wheat and rice Partial Equilibrium (PE) model and support additional research to incorporate more salient market features into the PE model.

Jan 2015 to Dec 2016

Innovation Lab for Food Security Policy (FSP) through

University of Pretoria

Preparing for the final output (Ten year Country outlook for maize, rice, wheat and sugar) to be launched in Nov 2016 in Nairobi