welcome to Department of Business Management

The Department of Business Management (DBMN) believes that a business is molded by the aspiration to think differently and the will to change the existing state of community level of development. The purpose of the Department is to drive the frontiers of knowledge by nurturing different thinking among peers through research, teaching, advisory services and business networks with the desire of solving business community challenges.
The Department endeavors to cultivate fresh forms of scholarly enquiry (between instructors to instructors; instructors to students and instructors to business owners) and research by embracing diverse academic research communities from General Management, Human Resource Management, Accounting, Finance, Marketing Management, Entrepreneurship Development, Agribusiness, Business Strategy, Business Leadership and from the Legal arena.
DBMN desires to produce graduates who are ready for change and enthusiastic about their own future and Tanzanian community at large. At DBMN, we aim at linking academics and the users of our generated knowledge, and redefine the future of Tanzanians society through research, training, outreach and consultancies. DBMN motto is “Learn-Practice-Innovate-Solve-Overcome (LePISO).”