Agriculture and Business CONSULT is a Consultancy wing of Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) at School of Agricultural Economics and Business Studies (SAEBS). It is was established in 2017 as an agency to handle consultancy and advisory services as well as short courses and contract research for the University of Sokoine serving the general clientele in and outside Tanzania. The main objective of AB-CONSULT within the SAEBS is to ensure that the expertise and resources of the School and entire University are fully utilized to maintain high standards in the consultancy, advisory service, professional development training and research service provided in Tanzania and neighboring countries.

AB-CONSULT is managed by an Executive Coordinator who is assisted by two Coordinators – the Administrative Coordinator and the Technical Coordinator – both of whom are elected by the SAEBS member of staff from among academic members of staff on a triennium basis. The Executive Coordinator is answerable to a Steering Committee on administrative and policy matters. The Steering Committee is elected and reports to the School Board. AB-CONSULT office is managed by a couple of staff employed on contract basis working under supervision of the Administrative Coordinator. AB-CONSULT puts up teams to work on consultancy services from the pool of university staff and experienced associates from industry, government, other institutions and individuals.


  • To provide Consultancy and advisory Services
  • To undertake Contract Research and Development Services
  • To offer Professional Development Programmes in area of agricultural economics and business development.
  • Technical publications on Agriculture related fields.
  • To offer training and Extension services.
  • To organize and promote the dissemination of knowledge through seminars, workshops, conferences, and exhibitions.


Academic Staff at the University of Sokoine of Agriculture are professionally qualified in their respective professions, and have had ample exposure to the many different Industries. They provide important advice and carry out consultancy projects to the Government Ministries, Institutions, Corporations, NGO’s and Boards, as well as to the private sector Industry in the country. The range of services provided by the academic staff to the government and industry covers a wide spectrum, ranging from Research and Development activities, Advice on major projects and focused consultancy projects to Development of Standards, Corporate Strategies and Master Plans.