Mr. Gody J. Sanga

sangaMr. Gody J. Sanga is an assistant lecturer in natural resources and environmental economics at the department of Food and Resource Economics, School of Agricultural Economics and Business Studies of Sokoine University of Agriculture. He teaches and supervises researches in the areas of Natural resource economics, integrated ecological economic modeling, Land use economics, Agriculture economics, Agricultural price policy, Institutional Economics, Micro and Macro economics, and Econometrics.

He has a vast experience in research in areas related to landscape management especially watershed and wetland management, community forest management, Land use economics, Fishery resources management, non-renewable resources management. He has participated in various consultancies as team leader and member. To mention a few, he led a team of three consultants in assessing government budget allocation in agriculture and its implication to the growth of the sector-a consultancy commissioned by CARE International; team leader in baseline survey for rain water harvesting technologies adoption in semi arid areas of Tanzania-a consultancy commissioned by CARE International; as team member in Valuation of Ecosystem services in Kihansi River catchment-a consultancy commissioned by National Environmental Management Commission of Tanzania (NEMC). Mr. Sanga has published 8 papers in various journals, two book chapters and has submitted his PhD thesis for examination at Pretoria University.


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  8. Sanga G.J., and Mungatana E.D. (2016). Integrating ecology and economics in understanding responses in securing land-use externalities internalization in water catchments. Ecological Economics 121: 28-39.

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